SFS provides solutions and services to the power industry for water intake, boiler feedwater, and the treatment of steam condensate. We also treat power plant wastewaters to achieve waste minimization goals and provide specific contaminant removal for heavy metals such as selenium, arsenic, and mercury.


With a broad range of treatment technologies and innovative solutions, and the greatest range of lifecycle and equipment services, SFS is uniquely positioned to help you achieve your goals.

Our Solutions & Products for the Power Industry

Product Applications
Fogging for Gas Turbine Inlet
  • Increase output GTs
Fire Pumps
  • Fire protection systems
Sea Water
  • Cooling Water System for steam power stations
Slurry – Hard Facing
  • Flue Gas desulfurization
Product Applications
Control Valves
  • Pump Recirc
  • Reheat/Superheat Spraywater
  • Turbine Bypass
  • Sky Vent
  • Steam PRV
  • Feedwater Heaters
  • DA Level Control
  • Feedwater Control
Electric Actuators
  • Emergency Heater Drain
  • Turbine Drain
  • Main Steam Drain
  • Diverter Damper
  • Superheat/Reheat Spray
  • Cooling Water Control
  • District Heating
Pneumatic Actuators
  • Customer Preference on Electric or Pneumatic
Engineered Ball Valves
  • Deaerator Vent / Instrument Isolation
  • Isolation Valves on Bypass Lines
  • Extraction Steam Drain / Orifice Isolation
  • BFP Discharge Isolation
  • BFP Shell or Case Drain
  • BFP Minimum Flow Isolation
  • BFP Warming Line Isolation / Drain
  • Reheat / Superheat Spray Root Isolation
  • Feedwater Heater Isolation / Bypass
  • Bypass Valves
Large Butterfly Valves
  • Salt Water Intake Valve
  • Water Pipeline
Valve Automation Shop
  • Automation & Controls of Manual Isolation Valves: Gates, Globes, Ball, Pinch, and Butterfly
EHA Actuators
  • Turbine Bypass
  • Steam Vents
Valve Modification Shop
  • Modification of Manual Isolation Valves
  • End Connections
  • Trim
  • Manual actuation
  • Mechanical limit stops
Product Applications
RO Skids
  • Pure water production for steam boiler feed
  • Water treatment for condensate return water
  • Boiler blow down
Media and Membrane Filtration
  • Laboratory and drinking water for operating teams
  • Prefiltration of RO water (see above)
  • Steam turbine blade washing
  • Recycling of water for all of the uses mentioned above
  • Radiator water make up for diesel engine cooling (military bases and small cities)
Chemical Injection
  • Injection of patented thermal anti-scalants into the boiler to prevent scale
  • Injection of corrosion inhibitors into the boiler
Pretreatment Skids – Softening
  • Steam boiler feed (fuel-fired)
  • Steam generator feed (electrically fired)
  • Steam turbine blade cleaning


  • Hydraulically Actuated Metering Pumps
  • Air/Gas Driven Chemical Injection Pumps
  • Electric / Engine Driven Chemical Injection Pumps
  • Power Impeller Driven Chemical Injection Systems
Product Applications
Tank and Pipeline Gauging Systems
  • Servo Tank  Gauges
  • Float and Tape Transmitter
  • Alarm Limit Switch
  • Render Tank Gauges
  • Temperature-Water Bottom Seneors & Conveyors
Radiation ( nuclear) Based Level Gauging Instruments 
  • Radiation Based Measurement Instrument
  • Rotary Shatter Source Holder
  • LSG Radiation – Based Continuous Level Detector
  • DSG Radiation – Based Density Maesurement
  • Point Level Indicator
Analyzers  / Outdoor Shelters – Containerized Solutions
  • Analyzer House with Analyzer Facilities
  • Sampling Handling System
  • Analyzer shelters
  • SER Room Installed Analyzers
  • Gas Chromatograph Analyzer System
Analyzers : Chromatographs – spectrometers – monitors
  • Gas Chromatograph Network System
  • Area Monitoring & Alarm System
  • Field Installed Analyzers
  • Mass Spectrometer with PC System
  • Gas Metering System
 Flow Meters – Ultrasonic flow measurement transmitters 



  • High Performance Flow Meters and Controllers
  • Ultrasonic Transit Time Flowmeters
  • Inline Ultrasonic Flowmetrs
  • Thermal Gas Mass Flow Meters

Partners & Suppliers


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