Filtration Equipment


Development of rural areas, and the modernization of our cities, requires clean  water in increasing volumes to, irrigate crops, rinse food, cool industrial equipment etc. There is a high demand for non- potable, clean industrial water which is needed for common and important applications. Manual, automatic media filters as well as self cleaning screen filters play a vital role in this respect.

Once water has been used, there is also the considerable question of how to treat and reuse polluted wastewater to ensure the health of people and the safety of the environment.


Picture34Governments, municipalities and private companies are increasingly, setting higher water conservation targets  by specifying and implementing new water saving systems.


  • Self-cleaning water filters are more cost-effective, automatic, produce less wastewater, and will not interrupt a system’s water flow during its short cleaning cycle.
  • Sustainability of clean usable water sets forth a comprehensive social mission to  :
    • Make freshwater more available by reducing, recycling and reusing it in industrial,
      municipal and irrigation systems.
    • Reduce waste generation and hazardous materials exposure through responsible filtration
      and effluent treatment.
    • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by improving energy efficiency.
  • Applications :  industrial, irrigation and municipal water treatment.