SFS sells a wide range of instrumentation products, including:

  • Tank Gauging Systems
  • Pipeline Gauging System
  • Nuclear Type of Instrumentation
  • Analyzer House with Analyzer Facilities
  • Sampling Handling System
  • Analyzer Shelters
  • SER Room Installed Analyzers
  • Gas Chromatograph Network  System
  • Area Monitoring and Alarm System
  • Field Installed Analyzers
  • Mass Spectrometer with PC System
  • Gas Metering System
  • Flow Meters

Tank & Pipeline Gauging System


Nuclear Type of Instrumentation


Analyzer House with Analyzer Facilities, Sampling Handling System, Analyzer Shelters, SER Room Installed Analyzers, Gas Chromatograph Analyzer System

Tank Gauging & Inventory Management

Gas Chromatograph Network System, Area Monitoring and Alarm System, Field Installed Analyzers, Mass Spectrometer with PC System, Gas Metering System


Flow Meters

Partners & Service Providers


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