SFS supplies variety of high quality and reliable pumps for various purposes and industries. Over the years we have built long term partnerships with various suppliers to supply the following range of pumps to our customers :

API 610 – Medium Duty Pumps

sfs mdp1In refineries and other hydrocarbon applications, API 610 pumps* are the reliable and safe option used by all. SFS works with world class OEMs to package API 610 skid mounted units to the end user requirements.


These are units to be used in critical industries and so high standards of performance are required. It is a local advantage to be able to present these packages with all the elements of time and cost saving involved.


*Centrifugal Pumps for Petroleum, Petrochemical and Natural Gas Industries, Eleventh Edition (ISO 13709:2009 Identical Adoption), Includes Errata (July 2011)

Hot Oil (Sulfinol) Pumps

In oil and gas refineries there is often a process to treat acid  gas (H2S) to take out the impurity and for safety. There are processes (Claus process for example) that use the acid gas to make another product such as sulfur.

sfs hfp1
Because of the corrosive and dangerous nature of these acid gases, the pumps need to be anti corrosive materials. A cooling system is frequently required and will be packaged with the hot oil (sulfinol) pumps thereby adding SFS’s involvement in the technical services available in KSA. Our corrosive service speciality workshop is well equipped to handle the service of these pumps.

Fogging System for Gas Turbine Inlet

Fogging systems bring ambient air inlet conditions close to best operating condition for greater efficiency of gas turbines.


KSA has so many gas turbine installations in the power, desalination and oil/gas areas of activity and all sites are trying to get the best output from the turbine. The investment in a fogging system can bring up the performance and save costs.

Sulfuric Acid Pumps

sfs sap1SFS packages these systems in KSA and thereby can quickly meet the client’s specific needs and with a rapid response time. In refineries and in petrochemical plants, sulfuric acid has a large part to play in processes. Sulfuric acid is used in fertilizer plants and in alkylation and isomerization process in refineries.


sfs sap2In mining it is used for leaching ores. Sulfuric acid is highly corrosive and needs special metallurgy in the pump manufacturing technology. Frequently a modular, skid mounted package is required with the motor, instrumentation and suitable valves attached. SFS, specializing in severe service engineering, competently provides the package locally in KSA.

Packaged Fire Water Pumps

sfs fwp1Fire protection is a major issue for many industries but particularly the oil, gas and petrochemical industries working with such flammable and volatile media.


Working with world class OEMs, SFS can deliver packaged fire water pumps to UL/FM and NEMA standards for the most demanding environments. Having local facilities in Jubail gives SFS the very distinct advantage of being close to the client and the client’s sites for the production of the exact configuration and supporting systems.

Slurry Pumps

sfs slrp1Slurries come as all types of liquids with solids alongside. Slurries are present in mining, petrochemicals and in the power industry with flue gas desulfurization.


sfs slrp2
It is a specialized pump application that SFS has adopted to fit in with the strategy of severe service pumps and valves.sfs slrp3Commonly the solids in the mixture with water are abrasive, corrosive and need special metallurgy to ensure the long life of the pump systems. SFS offers both rubber lined and hard facing slurry pumps and has the in- house ability to construct the package with valves and instrumentation according to the needs of the clients.

Enhanced Oil Recovery Pumps

sfs eor2
Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) is a huge part of the present and future of the oil and gas industry. For many years oil companies have been enhancing the recovery of oil and gas through pumping liquids into wells.


More recently this has expanded to pumping liquids to break tight oil/gas formations in reservoirs opening up a whole new range of reserves and production.


sfs eor3
sfs eor1

SFS has the proven fabrication skills and OEM pump expertise to help design and construct the pump package required by the clients. Whatever the liquid medium chosen for the EOR project, SFS will have the correct pumping solution.

FCC Bottoms Pumps


In Fluid Catalytic Crackers (FCCs) in refineries there will be an accretion of corrosive and difficult to handle mixes at the bottom of the process cycle in both towers and columns.


FCC Bottoms pumps are designed to handle these accumulations and remove them leading to better efficiencies for the whole plant. Since the bottoms liquids may be heavily viscous, corrosive and abrasive, special pump packages using non corrosive metallurgy with hard facing process technology backed by OEM design and experience are offered by SFS.

Hydrofluoric Acid (HF) Pumps

In the alkylation process in oil and gas refineries Hydrofluoric acid pumps are used.This is a highly corrosive acid and specially designed pumps and packages are required using Alloy 400 or Monel.

SFS has the engineering capability alongside the OEM to provide a KSA produced solution to this speciality. We have an integrated seal and system design, precise seal system selection and a dedicated hazardous service workshop facility for service and includes NDT/PMI capability.sfs_hfp2


High-Speed, Integrally Geared Pumps


High speed, integrally geared pumps are required where the duty is low flow and high head. This severe service capability is required for desulfurization, feedstock loading and the handling of waxy oils for example. These are used extensively in the oil/gas/petrochemical industries as well as desalination.


SFS can package these units to include the necessary valves and instrumentation. Our designs are OEM approved. Similarly our packaging is done with the overview of the OEM for consistency.



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