Valve Automation & Service

Butterflyvalve-with-electrical-actuatorValve Automation

SFS is able to provide an automation & controls service/conversion of manual isolation valves to include Gates, Globes, Ball, Pinch, and Butterfly valves from the customer to meet automation requirements.


Actuators are widely used in the oil/gas, petrochemical, water , power and mining industries in which SFS has long term experience.


Our technicians have been intensively trained by the OEM and are dedicated to this task both in support of new equipment ,repair and conversions. Our technicians can also perform site services on the actuators as necessary.

Valve Service

Saudi Arabia is a mature market with strong industrial growth over many decades.


The installation of various types of valves throughout Saudi Arabian industry is colossal and hence the need for OEM supported and quality checked valve modifications. To have this facility in Kingdom is a major asset for Saudi industry and one that cements the role of SFS in engineering support.


Valve Modification

Our Valve modification work shop can modify all types of manual isolation valves, end connections, trim, manual actuation, CSO/CSO, Mechanical limit stops and so on.


Modification services include welding, valve disassembly and assembly and pressure testing to API 598 standards.


Naturally this will give Saudi Arabian clients a much faster response and reduce plant shut-down time- frames. Working to OEM standards will give our clients the required confidence level expected from a world class valve service.


Scope of Valve Modification Services
Parameter Range
Valve Types Globe, Ball, Gate, and Check
Actuator Types Pneumatic Linear, Quarter Turn, Electric Linear, Electric Quarter Turn
Scope of Work Seat & Plug Re-matching , Welding/Weld Repair, Machining Valve Ends,
Valve Disassembly/Reassembly
Instrumentation Scope Mounting
Testing Capabilities Shell Pressure, Hardness Check, Seat Leakage, Hydrostatic
Engineering & Design Capabilities Critical Dimension Inspection
Quality Assurance ISO 9000, ASME
Equipment Horizontal Lathe, Welding Machine, Drill Press, Band Saw, Valve Test Rig, 2 Ton Crane

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